FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions

This page is under construction and more questions will be added when I get a chance, if in the meantime you have any specific queries please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page or via my Facebook Link Flourish with Laura!

Does  dōTERRA support Australian farmers?
dōTERRA is American owned and has head quarters in Utah however they have an amazing ethical approach to how they source their Oils. They refer to it as “Co-Impact Sourcing” and basically the premise is that each plant species they derive oil from is grown, harvested, and distilled in its native environment and dōTERRA works in collaboration with the local farmers and producers. dōTERRA has sources in over 40 counties, 20 of them developing countries, including Australia as their Melalueca Oil and Eucalyptus Oils are grown and sourced right here! So dōTERRA does support and contribute to Australian farmers. This method of resourcing also ensures that these plant species are kept at their most potent as they thrive in their natural habitats. By enrolling with a wholesale account you are also supporting the person you’re enrolling with as they financially benefit building their own dōTERRA business right here in Australia!

For more information on co-impact sourcing watch this video: https://youtu.be/Q70EFAddZdI

 Is dōTERRA certified as Organic?
The MOST important factor to consider when choosing a brand of oil to use is its purity. If your using an oil that isn’t pure 100% quality you are exposing yourself to risks of chemical which may cause skin sensitivity, or introduce germs or heavy metals to you body systems. As a direct result of dōTERRAs Co-Impact Sourcing each of those 40 countries dōTERRA sources their oils from has different legislation and Organic certification processes. To ensure high quality Oils in an industry that had no accepted standards dōTERRA initiated Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). The CPTG process certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants in their essential oils that would reduce their efficacy. dōTERRA also puts their packaging and products through testing to ensure the shelf-life of their products is the longest possible. They also have a website where you can enter the serial/batch number on the bottom of each bottle of Oil and view the test results from the testing process. To ensure each batch is of the highest 100% pure quality dōTERRA. You can’t get anymore transparent then that.

To verify your Oil batches test results go to: https://sourcetoyou.com

When I enrol with a 12 month membership or Kit, am I obligated to sign up anyone else in this time?
No! dōTERRA is not a pyramid scheme there is absolutely NO obligation to share or build a business by enrolling other people. You can enrol and choose to use your oils personally in your own home and never formally “share”, you can share how you use your oils informally with friends and family and they may decide to enrol and list your name as sponsor and you can link them in with formal builders in your upline who will mentor them, or you can choose to build a business sharing dōTERAA Essential Oils and supplement your income. dōTERRA has generous compensation and bonus plans for informal sharing and business building where you can earn a living or simply earn enough to cover the cost of your dōTERRA orders. The choice is yours and there will be support from your upline in whichever capacity you choose to use your essential oils.

For more information on dōTERRAs financial compensation plans here is the company brochure: http://media.doterra.com/us/en/flyers/compensation-plan.pdf


Once I’m enrolled with a wholesale account am I locked into any contracts or obligated for monthly orders with any minimum amounts?

No! Once you have set up your personal account you have total control  over when you order and what you order. There is no contracts, you get access to wholesale prices for 12 months from when you set up your account. There is no obligation to renew your annual enrolment the following 12 months. You have no obligation to place any orders after your initial order. Part of the benefits to having a wholesale account is to access dōTERRAs Loyalty Rewards Program. The program rewards product value points to be redeemed on products back to the buyer, you! There is a scale of percentage of points backed based on the time frame you have been ordering products and a higher amount of benefits and even free products of the month to orders that have a set value point. This program is completely optional and generously gives back to dōTERRA users. You even get your shipping costs back in points! You can opt in or out of this program at any time through your online account.