Get a doTERRA account

Setting up your dōTERRA account is super easy! Let me talk you through it, you can set this up anytime online from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1. Click here to go to my doTERRA webpage. Click the menu Button and select the “Join & Save” option.

Step 2. Ensure English is the selected language (or change to select your native language). Select Australia as being where your products are being shipped to, or if your not Australia based please select your Country of residence.

Step 3. For Australian residents please select LOCAL (OTG) ORDER, the first option, to ensure your prices on your online account are default set to $AUD and the Australian warehouse. You can place one off orders from the USA warehouse once your account is activated. IF you live outside of Australia please select the second option.

Step 4. Select if you wish to be a Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale customer. Please review the differences in these account types prior to choosing which account type to set up. You can opt to upgrade your account from a wholesale customer to a wellness advocate at a later date if you wish to share essential oils and receive financial benefits.


Step 5. Complete the electronic form with your personal details and select a password for your online account, write it down somewhere safe if you need.

Step 6. Select the enrolment kit that best suits your families needs OR select the enrolment pack option and add your own choice of essential oils to create your own starter kit. If you need advice on what oils to purchase for specific areas of health & wellbeing please contact me and I will give you a FREE consultation to ensure you get the most appropriate oils for your needs. There are enroll,ent packs for every budget and every household.

I started with the home Essentials Kit and I added a bottle of fractionated coconut oil so I could use my oils for topical use on my skin, and I added Balance blend and Wild Orange. This was perfect for starting out and met my health and wellbeing needs!


Step 7. Complete the payment details on dōTERRAs secure form.

Step 8. (Optional) Set up your order for the next month. This activates your Loyalty Rewards Program and you can start to earn product value points on the orders you place and you can redeem points on future purchases. The loyalty rewards program is very generous and I love picking my FREE oils each month! This is an optional loyalty program with no lock in contracts, minimum order requirements or cancelation fees. Shipping  costs are also returned to you as Product Value points when you order as a Loyalty Rewards Program order. No other business or store I know of offers that! You can choose on this page to add items to your cart for the next months order and select the shipping date or you can choose to skip this Step and set it up at a later date.




Using your ID number that will be sent to you in a confirmation email from dōTERRA you can access your online account 24\7 and have door to door shipping. Couldn’t be any easier!