Who is Laura?

cropped-dmb6-11_ts-bh-lm-tre-mix_th-41.jpgI am Laura, I am a Survivor… but I want more! I’m passionate about living intentionally making every moment count, and I’m here to help you THRIVE not just SURVIVE too! Let me show you who you truely are and help you discover what drives you!

I love what I do because I use my personal experiences & clinical health knowledge to empower you to start living the life you want and FLOURISHING as your true self! My Client’s transformations inspires me! I love to give and be of service to others, seeing you succeed and fulfill your goal pushes me on!


Why did I become a wellness advocate?
I want to empower women to take control over their health & know they can rely on natural products that are available, affordable & versatile. I want to lift women up and tell them they are deserving and worthy of all their hearts desires and that no one has the power to keep them down.

My vision:
I am a dōTERRA wellness advocate, I will lead by example and demonstrate the effectiveness of natural products for supporting good health, physical and emotional. I can empower and educate families to utilize natural solutions in unlimited aspects of their daily life. Where my growing team connects, supports, shares knowledge and instills passion within local and global natural lifestyle communities.

My life hasn’t been a garden of roses but I have cultivated the life of my dreams and I will show you how to be present in your life and achieve your goals with these beautiful oils to support your physical, mental and emotional health and well being for you and your loved ones. Stop going through the motions surviving day to day and live a life of purpose!

This year I’m turning the big 3 0 but guess what this is awesome I have packed so many big lessons into my 20’s that I’m feeling so settled and clear on what I want to cultivate for mine and my children’s futures! In my 20’s I endured my three life’s lessons; my then partners suicide, sexual assault, and ending my relationship transitioning to single Mum with six month old twins and a three year old. My 30’s are going to be focused on my children and my business and I’m so excited to be creating a future where I know I am worthy and deserving of true happiness.

Join me and let’s smash 2018 out together! Got some tough  stuff to deal with? Skeletons in your closet? Do your knees shake just thinking about taking the first step forward? Hit “contact me” and I’ll walk with you!