The two year glitch…

“Progress not perfection”.

What does that look like to you? I think the idea of that is frightening, the idea that we don’t have to be perfect. The “What ifs” start to take over and suddenly we’re spinning in a panic about a thousand things we can’t control. What if I fuck it up? What if I make an idiot of myself? What if nobody likes the content I’m creating? What if I fail? I can’t control any of that but you know what I’m doing it anyway because it’s making me happy  and realising that you are doing something for reasons beyond how someone will judge you is actually quite liberating.

I’m going to tell you a secret though. Well a two perhaps.


Feel like a screamed that at you? Great maybe it will sink in.

Think of the biggest role model you have, the person who is an absolute legend in their chosen field. They started out somewhere huh? One of my favourite page creators private messaged me yesterday to congratulate me on my Facebook page cover video… *crickets chirping* yes I know how trivial that sounds but you know what that gesture meant so much to me because it’s someone I really admire and it took me fucking hours to make that video and I nearly crashed the computer. No Joke.

I believe my partner actually said to me “Your banned from using the computer” like I was one of his sneaky teens and I actually laughed out loud which didn’t help the situation. The instructional cue I was working with lasted 5 minutes and the task literally took me 7 hours. Let me tell you though by the 5th draft I could make a Facebook cover video in under 5 minutes. *crying with laughter*

So back to the story, I took the opportunity to ask them how long they’d been running their business for and you know what the answer was… TWO YEARS!? Thats it and I was inspired because I thought if they can seem like a fricken expert to me then with just two years experience then I can totally rock this out! This is something I have the drive for and I can do this I can reach people, inspire people and inform people.

*insert happy dance like life is a Julie Andrews musical*

Just to prove these moments happen here’s me with a #mumwin totally rocking a twin tandem carry because I just HAD to stock up on nappies at a sale. I wasn’t a pro baby wearer in the beginning either it took two years… Maybe what’s what the terrible twos are really about…

It’s the time it takes you to become an expert whether its raising kids, wearing babies in fabric or taking a leap of faith following your dreams!



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