What lead me to dōTERRA

Welcome to the fork in the road… Here’s your choices: make changes and take the road to regaining control in your life or keep trying to do things the way you always have. Just sit with that a minute, let it sink in.

Have you heard the saying the only constant in life is change. I like to think of it as a metaphor, yes we all change the every second of everyday we age even at a cellular level our cells have lifespans and there is a constant turn over. But think bigger, better… we have the ability to learn & grow our values and beliefs.

Usually things progress like business as usual until there is that lightbulb moment of inspiration or insight. Sometimes it’s fleeting like the flare of a match and we need to experience a few times before it moves us to action. Other times the darkness is so overwhelming that that one glimmer of hope is enough to light a fire inside us.


My moment came during my third trimester of my twin pregnancy. I was working full time as a Registered Nurse, raising 3 kids, running my household and struggling with the usual pregnancy symptoms which seemed amplified by the pressure of carrying TWO babies. Heartburn, indigestion, varicose veins, back pain, nausea, restless legs you name it I had it! I was desperate and I’d tried all the over-the-counter options with minimal relief.

I decided to turn to a natural remedy, I knew peppermint was used for digestive issues. So I hoped on my iPhone in the wee hours of the morning and signed up for a wholesale account ordering a home Essentials Kit. I never got to go to an essential oils class, I didn’t get to try a sample or experience dōTERRAs quality, I just took a leap of faith and knew in my gut that this was the right move.

My kit arrived after 4 agonising days and from the moment I used digestzen for the first time I’ve never looked back. For the remainder of my pregnancy I had no more heart burn, no more nausea, no other digestive issues and carried my beautiful twins to 37weeks.


These oils have given me control back over the health and wellness of my family. No more upset tummies, no more bugs from preschool, no more panicked moments because a bottle of an over the counter medicine had run out or expired and the chemist was closed. These oils expanded my options as a parent, they are a tool in my parenting tool kit and I use them in partnership with modern medicine.

This is not all of nothing, I can use it as little or as much as I like, and I started small with a diffuser and a bottle of carrier oil. Now I use them in nearly every aspect of my home. This is why I’m so passionate about sharing these powerful oils. Because I AM about empowering others, giving them options and giving the knowledge! These oils support my physical, mental and emotional health and I’m so grateful I discovered essential oils and have success using them as a reputable natural therapy. Here’s my first cuddle with my twins… this was the moment I reached the goal I’d been working towards for 10 agonising months, this is the moment my soul felt complete.